10 Days for $10

10 consecutive days of unlimited yoga classes for only $10!

October 1 – 31, 2018

This once-a-year special event is available for NEW STUDENTS,

or anyone who has not been to class yet in 2018.

Practice 10 days in a row for only $1/day!

You will notice significant changes in your health!

Bikram Yoga has remained in its traditional form for over 45 years because it is such a powerful therapeutic tool.  Radical health improvements are seen when this yoga is practiced daily for 60 days.  It is a sustainable and extremely effective practice for people with back and joint pain, autoimmune disorders, menstrual discomforts and imbalances, anxiety and mild-to-moderate depression, and cholesterol and blood sugar imbalances.

This 10-day special is here for you to get a jumpstart!

Read more about the following topics:

Health Benefits


The Differences between Bikram Yoga and “Hot Yoga”

Take class on ALL 10 consecutive days and receive 50% off a 3-month unlimited membership!!

You may start your 10-day challenge on any day between October 1 and October 31, 2018.  You have 10 consecutive days from your start day to take your 10 classes – all beginner classes are eligible.

The 50% off discount is good ONLY THROUGH November 15, 2018.

If you complete the challenge, you may purchase your discounted 3-month membership at the studio or use the link below.

Upon completion of your 10 consecutive days of yoga, we will provide you with the 50% off discount code.  Please contact Ann if you would like to receive it by email.

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  • Backward bends heal the spine, yes! And they also force you immediately into the present moment...into a completely connected and meditative state.... when you are reaching back there - and you learn what to relax and what to contract - it is unlike anything else in the world.
Rachel has seriously Shapeshifted since August!  It is amazing!  And it was so awesome to have you visit us!  It is so great to be together, and all feel so much better at the end of each day.  We had such a great group from 5 states plus Canada!  I am already excited for your next visit @maryjarvisyoga !!!!
  • So energized and happy... and full of love... and free from pain.. after our four amazing Shapeshifting days with @maryjarvisyoga ... that a four-hour night of sleep plus the first day of a period plus finding out some disappointing stuff...have not soured my body or my day one bit.  I am so grateful to be here with you and these amazingly strong people doing triangle everyday!! #bikramyoga #ilovebikramyoga #maryjarvis #maryjarvisshapeshifting #shapeshifting #hotyoga #bikramyogaworks #welovebikramyoga #yoga #hathayoga #allbackwardbendinghealsthespine

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