About Bikram Yoga Capital Area (BYCA) – The Original Hot Yoga

Since 2013, Bikram Yoga Capital Area has provided the people of mid-Michigan an unparalleled opportunity to optimize their health, wellness, joy, and fitness. We are a community of individuals who come together to improve our health, to challenge ourselves, to feel better, to enjoy life, and to constantly learn new things.

As mid-Michigan’s first and only authentic Ghosh lineage yoga school, our core specialty is the proven Bikram Yoga method of therapeutic hatha yoga.  We also practice and train dedicated students in intermediate and advanced levels of Ghosh lineage yoga. 

BYCA is a 100% locally-owned and operated small business; we are not a franchise or a chain; and we do not divert any royalties or percentage of revenue to Bikram Choudhury, any franchising organizations, or any silent partners. We absolutely love this yoga system and look forward to hearing about the transformation you experience with a regular and committed practice!

Why Bikram Yoga?

Bikram Yoga is a consistent, therapeutic practice for beginners of all ages. It has been practiced in same form since the early 1970s and is supported by scientific research. Of the various forms of yoga available today, it has the most direct roots to the physical culture and yoga therapy movements of early-mid 20th century Calcutta, India.

Our Teachers and Experience

All instructors here are part of a direct and undiluted teaching lineage in the Calcutta tradition of Bishnu Ghosh and Bikram Choudhury. Our high teaching standards include a minimum of 500 practice hours before training, 500 hours of teacher training within the lineage, and a long-term apprenticeship with our school director, who is a Level 3 teacher registered with the Original Hot Yoga Association and a senior Certified Bikram Yoga instructor. Our standards for accepting trainees for apprenticeships are the highest in the state of Michigan, ensuring that all yoga students receive detailed attention on correct techniques and approaches. While each teacher has a unique approach and demeanor in the class, we encourage students to attend all teachers’ classes to get the most well-rounded experience and instruction.  Read more about our teacher training and standards here.

Ann Chrapkiewicz – Founder and Owner, Senior Teacher

Ann Chrapkiewicz completed her initial 500-hour hatha yoga training and certification with Bikram and Rajashree Choudhury, Emmy Cleaves, and Craig Villani in 2004, and has taught over 4500 hours (and over 4000 students) since that time. She is a Level 3 teacher registered with the Original Hot Yoga Association and is nationally known for her presence and attention to detail in every class she teaches.   Ann is a native of Dearborn, Michigan, and has lived in mid-Michigan since 2008.  Prior to founding BYCA, Ann completed her M.A. in Medical Anthropology at Michigan State University, M.A. in Asian Studies at the University of Michigan, and B.A. in Literature and Media Studies at Duke University.  She has studied exercise physiology at the graduate level and supports Dr. Brian L. Tracy’s physiology research on Bikram method hot yoga at Colorado State University.  She has recently founded the Ten Percent Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to communicating the accessibility and benefits of the Bikram method of yoga.  Ann studies and practices Ghosh lineage yoga as well as Bikram’s Beginning yoga class, and cannot imagine her life without it!  She has continued her kriya and jnana yoga development by completing immersive yoga initiations with Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev (2006), and Shibendu Lahiri (2010).

Jessica Beckman – BYCA Apprenticing Teacher

Jess completed Craig Villani’s Raja Yoga Academy 500-hour training in October 2016 and prior to that practiced over 700 hours at Bikram Yoga Capital Area.  Jess has served as the Program Coordinator of the Karma Yoga scholarship program and is an instrumental part of our school and our non-profit Ten Percent Project.

Maria Wine – Visiting Teacher

Maria has been practicing various types of yoga for decades and Bikram Yoga since 2005.  She attended Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in Spring 2014 in Los Angeles and is a staff teacher at Hot Yoga Detroit/Bikram Yoga Northville.

Vic Whipp – BYCA Apprentice

Vic first discovered Bikram Yoga in Naples, Florida, and has practiced at over 30 studios in 15 states around the country. A golf professional for over 25 years, he brings an astute and experienced coaching perspective to the class.

What Our Students Are Saying


Get started with an introductory month for $49.

Our East Lansing Yoga Facility

Our 3600 square foot studio is clean, bright, and spacious, and includes multiple showers in each restroom and ample storage space for your belongings.  Our lobby areas feature artwork, educational information, and natural materials and are a place of supportive conversation, encouragement, and camaraderie before and after class.

CO2 levels are monitored and controlled in every class to ensure your health and safety.

Our facilities are also extremely environmentally-friendly and efficient.  We feature on-demand (tankless) water heaters, all-natural cleaning products, an Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) system, and complete cleaning and sterilization of our yoga room every single night.  Our yoga room was custom-designed and built to be well-insulated and extremely energy efficient; the annual energy use for the heated yoga room is less than annual energy use for the other half of the studio.

BYCA in the Community

BYCA supports local and community organizations by donating funds, gift certificates, and silent auction items to local schools, community projects, and MSU student groups. Since opening in June 2013, BYCA has contributed over $3000 to various local groups.

Interested in connecting with BYCA for fundraising? 

BYCA Karma Yoga Scholarships

Scholarships for yoga lessons are available for dedicated, earnest, regular yoga students (practicing 12+ times per month) who are in need of assistance.

Please complete at least 10 classes in our introductory month ($49) and then contact us.