Anatomical Concepts with Chris Totaro – Michigan Seminar

May 16 – 19, 2019

Join Chris Totaro and students and teachers of Bikram Yoga (the Original Hot Yoga) from all over Michigan for this unique, immersive yoga anatomy course!

Course Topics:

Day 1 (May 16) 1:00-4:30

The Shoulder Joint Complex —axial & appendicular skeletons, planes of section, plum line, rotator cuff, scapular stabilization, scapulohumeral rhythm, pathology: tendinitis, bursitis, scoliosis

The Knee Joint —types of cartilage, tendons & ligaments, quadriceps, patella, knee joint as a hinge, ligamental attachments, meniscus, synovial fluid, fascia, scar tissue, pathology: patellar tracking disorder

Day 2 (May 17) 12:00 noon -4:30 pm

The Spine — vertebral column, stages of disc herniation, rib cage, nerve bundles, bony relationships, bio-tensegrity structure

Breathing — core, muscle actions, attachments, fiber direction, respiration, intra-abdominal pressure, thoracic diaphragm

Day 3 (May 18) 12:00 noon -4:30 pm

Muscle Functionality — types of joints, joint articulation, types of muscle contraction, muscle receptors, reciprocal inhibitory reflex, posterior chain, mechanical advantage, hamstrings, sacroiliac joint, psoas major

Homeostasis — blood sugar, body temperature, heat acclimatization, arteries & veins, recovery heart rate, directional flow of blood through the heart, skeletal muscle pump, autonomic nervous system response, human stress response

Day 4 (May 19) 10:00 am -1:00 pm

The Hip Complex — muscle functionality, two-joint muscles, hip joint complex, nervous system, pathology: ilio-tibial band syndrome, sciatica, piriformis syndrome, labral tears

Course Approach

This course provides yoga practitioners of all levels with a stronger anatomical understanding from which to practice yoga.  Students will be able to directly apply this course material while executing the postures during yoga class.

Get a glimpse of what’s happening beneath the surface. Grasping the inner-workings of the human body and ensuring the proper approach to the postures allows students to transform their yoga practice in ways they’ve never imagined. A stronger understanding of the biomechanics of the body inspires students and instills enthusiasm to continually explore new possibilities.

There is absolutely no expectation for students to memorize complicated terminology.

The course is formatted primarily as a lecture including slides, diagrams, videos, models, and in-person human demonstration. A handout that outlines terms and definitions will be provided, and further note-taking is encouraged. Employing an innovative story-telling approach, the course effectively condenses a dauntingly vast range of material in a dynamic and compelling manner.

We welcome those who have specific interests in one or more topics.  It should be noted that the course material does build upon itself, so those completing all four days will benefit the most deeply and comprehensively.

Click HERE to be taken to Chris Totaro’s website for more information about Chris, links to testimonials from his courses, and much more!!

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  • Thank you to Ian at @thrivehotyoga for giving Forrest this opportunity for leadership as a demonstrator on one of the stages.  After the 90-minute class was over, as we were walking towards the food trucks, Forrest said to me, "Mom, is it ok that I didn't do anything special or work extra hard?  That I just practiced like I would in a normal class?"
OMG "Yes, my dear child, that is so much more than ok, you did a beautiful job up there"...
(And you are so wonderfully full of conscientiousness and a high vision for yourself, that I don't even know how to express it!)
  • Rep'in some of the old school Michigan Bikram Yoga humans.

I love seeing my old friends and teachers from the early 2000s.  It is amazing to have this little reunion every year, even just for 90 minutes!

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