Herding Cats, Billy Ocean, and Rollercoasters: Why I keep coming back to Bikram Yoga

bikram yoga east lansing michigan

Meet Melissa, 40, of Williamston, Michigan!  Melissa started practicing with us at Bikram Yoga Capital Area in March of 2014 and to date has practiced over 725 classes!  Melissa wrote this super thoughtful blog as part of 2017’s Spring Yoga Buddy Challenge.  I am so grateful for Melissa’s insights, her quiet strength and presence at […]

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Happy Yoga Birthday!

by Ann Chrapkiewicz Last month marked my 15th year of practicing Bikram Yoga.  I was fortunate to find this healing practice when I was just about to turn 25. This past week, I turned 40.  (And I got to hear Happy Birthday in Triangle Pose – in 3 different classes!  Great for the lungs, people!) […]

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Youth Yoga – Celebrating our Kids at BYCA

If you have not yet attended our Thursday evening warm class, you have yet to be part of a special treat. Since 2016, we have regularly invited youth ages 6 and up to participate in the second half of the traditional Bikram Yoga series, and many have “graduated” to practicing the whole class now. This […]

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Flattery and Criticism: An Introduction

by Ann Chrapkiewicz Over a decade ago, one of my most influential yoga teachers at the time presented me with a quote: “To the Yogi, criticism and flattery are no different.” It made sense to me on some levels, and I thought I could relate to not caring about the status quo.  I had a […]

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There is No Such Thing as Monday

Toe Stand - Original Hot Yoga - Bikram Yoga

by Ann Chrapkiewicz A few Sunday mornings ago, I was teaching* class. It was one of those lovely classes where everyone spaced themselves so beautifully in the three rows of our practice room; people hardly took their eyes off of their focus points for the entire warm-up portion of class. We were finishing up the […]

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Big Girls Bend: My (Ongoing) Journey as a Fat Yogi

by Marini Lee, Ph.D. I’ve been practicing bikram yoga for almost 12 years now. According to the Western world (and my recovering internal body critic), I should look differently. I should be thin by now!!!! Shouldn’t I? Well, I’m not. First of all, being and/or getting “thin” is not (nor should be) the goal of […]

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Healing Asthma, Sciatica, Wrist Sprains, …. and Growing Almost an inch!

Meet Sarah Cook, 34, of St. John’s, Michigan.  Sarah started practicing Bikram Yoga with us in the spring of 2014, upon a recommendation from her sister.  As of this writing, Sarah has practiced exactly 365 classes!  Sarah has had some exciting updates recently, but her whole history of benefits is very diverse, and quite exciting! […]

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Healing Chronic Back Pain and Reversing Chronic Kidney Disease

Meet John, who started practicing Bikram Yoga with us in December 2013, at age 68.  Just prior to beginning Bikram Yoga, he was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. Against the advice of his physician, he started coming to class 4-5 times per week. In only 3 months of this new routine, his health dramatically improved. […]

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If You Can’t Laugh….Breathe!

You cannot breathe deeply and worry at the same time.

by Char Brooks Screeching into the parking lot, as I walk through the open door I know I’m out of the slammer.  I’m about to partake in something — and I have no idea what I’ll discover as I find my way onto my mat.   And that’s the good news.  Within minutes of making […]

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No, YOU! YOU are ready for yoga!

all ages full locust bikram yoga

by Ann Chrapkiewicz Are you ready for yoga? As inclusive as North American yoga wants to be, yoga in its deeper dimensions demands certain qualities. Are you ready for yoga? Well, I have a yoga mat and I hydrated well.  So yes, I think so. But the question again: are you ready for yoga? The […]

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2017 Spring Yoga Buddy Challenge – Inspiration, Highlights, and Special Projects

Half Moon Ghosh Yoga Bikram Yoga Backward Bend East Lansing MSU

by Ann Chrapkiewicz …………………………………… Our annual Spring Yoga Buddy Challenge is a true highlight of the year and takes place from April 1 – May 31 each year. It expands and deepens our practice and understanding of yoga, and it is so much fun!! All teams who completed the challenge by May 31 received a unique […]

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