Health Benefits

What can Bikram Yoga do for my health?

The Bikram Yoga practice is and always has been curvy-friendly, trauma-sensitive, and accessible to those healing from injuries and surgeries – yet challenging to the professional athlete and embraced by sports coaches. It is particularly accessible to men, as well as those over 50.  

It is practiced by athletes more than any other yoga training system available today.  

We welcome and support students with limited mobility, chronic pain or injury, and even those who are not able to walk. Our teachers are trained to help each student with the therapeutic approaches and goals of each posture, and all have access to direct mentorship by senior teachers (15-20+ years experience) and other experts who can assist them in guiding your practice.


We safely teach to those who need chairs at first, who have broken bones, less than four limbs, and who have chronic pain.

We also specialize in teaching all body shapes and sizes, in all classes.

All Ages

Our regular students range in age from 6 to 94; this yoga system is practiced safely and gently by many in their 80s and 90s.  We work with individuals to find the best approach, intensity level, and practice frequency for their needs.

All Faiths and Backgrounds

Our teaching method is very practical and straightforward. It does not include language or belief systems that conflict with faiths or religions.

Safe Space Policy

At BYCA, we welcome and support all individuals, yet we have a zero-tolerance policy for any forms of harassment, manipulation, abuse, or other “unsafe” or purposefully disruptive behaviors.

Who can benefit from Bikram Yoga?

Aging and Bikram Yoga

What we think of as the symptoms of “aging” can happen at any time during the lifespan.  Bikram Yoga and Ghosh-lineage yoga are specifically designed to treat the symptoms of aging that are thought to be inevitable.  With a regular practice over time, you will see many or most of your aging processes slow down and usually even reverse.  Read more about how it helps with back pain, high blood pressure, chronic kidney failure, and more.

Chronic Pain and Bikram Yoga

Modern biomedical approaches often leave those with chronic pain behind.  Bikram Yoga and Ghosh lineage yoga specifically bring relief to those with pain caused by Rheumatoid Arthritis and other auto-immune disorders, fibromyalgia, traumatic injuries and amputations, surgeries, and chronic stress.

chronic pain management

Men’s Health and Bikram Yoga

Bikram Yoga starts from strength and muscle control, not stretching. It is particularly accessible to male bodies and those who think they are “not flexible enough” for yoga.

Athletes and Bikram Yoga

Professional, amateur, and aspiring athletes have benefited from Bikram Yoga for several decades. Many Lansing area distance runners use Bikram Yoga to shorten their recovery times, reduce injuries, and drastically improve athletic performance.


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