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Online Live-Streaming of All Instructed Classes

Because – just like when the world is “normal” –  there is still NO excuse not to practice Bikram Yoga!! 

(Yes, it is that good, and that important.)

For Active Members: All of our classes listed on the SCHEDULE (click here) will be live-streamed, personally instructed, and accessible at no additional charge.  Please CONTACT US to receive instructions for live-streaming classes if you have not yet received them.

For New Students (new to BYCA): You may try out our online classes for one month (31 consecutive days from your date of purchase).  Please note that we do not yet know for how long we will be live streaming classes; please continue reading for our policies on online memberships.

For those who have practiced with us before, or for those who have completed their Introductory Month: you may sign up for an Online-Only Membership, $65, charged monthly.

Click Here to Purchase

Introductory One Month Unlimited

Live-Streamed Classes

For Those New-to-BYCA ONLY

When I see the receipt come through for your purchase, I will send you an email with the link to join the classes and instructions for signing in to class.

New students will receive a registration form and waiver to fill out and return.

Please triple check that your email address is correct in our online system when you make the purchase.
Please allow 24 hours to receive set-up instructions.

Once you complete your Introductory Month, you may sign up for an

Online-Only Membership, $65, charged monthly.

No minimum commitment, but we require 15 days prior notice for cancellations.

Classes are streamed LIVE from the Eastern Time Zone.  If you try to join the class when class is not in session, you will not see anything.

In the future, if and when live-streaming is no longer being offered, any remaining funds from online punchcards or memberships can be:
1) donated to our BYCA Scholarship Program or
2) converted to credit towards regular punchcards only. 
  • Refunds will not be available. 
  • Unused credit cannot be used towards merchandise, nor towards Flex/Commitment/Optimum memberships nor any unlimited memberships.

For those who are without an income, you can access our recorded Bikram Yoga class on YouTube here. 

For those who value Bikram Yoga enough to support its continued existence, you may support our yoga school with donations of the following amounts:

| one-time donation $100 |

| one-time donation $50 |

| one-time $25 |


| monthly $65 |

| monthly $25 |


2 thoughts on “Online Live-Streaming Bikram Yoga Classes | Boost Your Immune System with Bikram Yoga |

  1. Dear Ann,
    I am planning to join the on-line classes. However, I need lots of help to do so…just when I was planning to return, I learn the recent news…I am completely out of it! So, how do I join the classes?

    1. Hi Dorothea! We miss you and have been thinking about you. I will email you directly and we can help you out!!

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