Why Should I Practice?


The benefits of a regular Bikram Yoga practice are as numerous and diverse as the people who practice. The 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises – when attempted with 100% correct form and continuous breath – move fresh, oxygenated blood throughout every tissue in the body, typically resulting in the following health benefits.

Proper weight

Reduction or elimination of back and/or joint pain

Whole-body muscle tone

Improved flexibility

Realignment of joints

Improved balance

Balanced blood pressure

Balanced blood sugar

Reduced blood cholesterol

Improved pulmonary function

Improved oxygen levels

Improved lymphatic and immune function

Healing of old injuries and removal of scar tissue

Improved ability to concentrate

Reduction or elimination of stress

An overall sense of well-being

What Our Students Are Saying


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Who is Bikram Yoga For?

All fitness levels

All ages

All faiths/backgrounds

The Science and Research Behind Bikram Hot Yoga

The unaltered yoga sequence we teach is amenable to rigorous scientific research and has been found to regulate blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and depression/anxiety.

Peer-Reviewed Research Articles and other Scientific Research:

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Bikram Yoga reduces Depression and Anxiety.  Lindsey B. Hopkins DeBoer. San Francisco VA Medical Center.  Presented at Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) Conference 2015

Current Research Underway:

Massachusetts General Hospital Depression Clinical and Research Program

Bikram Yoga Heart Study (University of Texas – Austin)

Other Publications:

Bikram Yoga as part of Addiction Recovery:

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Sitting Down In Bikram Yoga: What it Says About You.