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Practice your yoga with an audio recording

12 audio recordings available


  • Practice along to a video recording
  • Watch a class to learn more about the Bikram Yoga postures and their accessibility


  • Special Topics
  • Continuing Education for Teachers
  • And More

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Posture Tutorials

Here you can explore:

  • Movement techniques
  • Psychological aspects to each posture
  • Benefits to particular postures

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New Members

Welcome materials and support

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Reading Materials and Resources

A collection of original materials and links to other inspirational stuff

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Interactive Q&A

Members can share:

  • Your questions
  • Uploaded photos with questions
  • And SHARE experiences or thoughts that occurred to you during your yoga practice
  • Something you learned today while practicing
  • Literature, thoughts, situations or a passing conversation that relates to your practice

Yoga Homework!

Who knew homework could be so much fun! Ann will add quizzes, visuals, and other “homework” for you to complete!

  • Posture form analysis
  • “Find the difference”
  • “Correct this posture”
  • Scavenger hunts and yoga challenges
  • Posture-specific discussions
  • Teacher and Teachers-in-Training Enrichment