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breath the new science of a lost art, book by james nestor

How to Breathe: Announcing our first BYCA Book Club Meeting!

You are invited!!

I have recommended and shared with you many book suggestions over the years.  But never have I felt that a book should be required reading for anyone involved in a traditional yoga practice.

This one is SO good, so relevant, and so immediately practical for your daily life!

side note: I actually think it should be required for all physicians, teachers, and health practitioners of any kind.  And, for that matter, anyone with lungs and a brain.  But I can only do so much here.  🙂

So, thanks to support from your fellow BYCA student Jess M., we are holding the first BYCA book club meeting!

Our first meeting will take place:

Sunday, November 8

7:00 pm Eastern Time

We will discuss the first four (4) chapters of the book!  I am so excited!

Please RSVP here by October 25 in order to receive the discussion questions in advance.

They will also be posted in the Yoga Homework section of the BYCA Members’ Classroom for ongoing conversation, and for those who cannot attend the live event.  If you have any questions, please contact BYCA Member Jess Mansbach at jess.mansbach@gmail.com

Everyone who has RSVP’d by November 7 will receive the link for the meeting on November 8.

If you choose to purchase the book through Amazon via this link/above, we will very gratefully earn a small percentage of qualifying purchases.

(Which will help your yoga school survive these very difficult times for small businesses.)


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