Student Testimonials

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The testimonials and results shared here are typical of our regular practitioners.  They are not unusual, atypical, or extreme cases.  Unlike health claims made by many exercise and nutrition fads, we only share typical, factual cases.  We are focused on sustainable practices that result in long-term improvements in your quality of life – not impulsive, occasional, or short-term behaviors.  

Our students are living proof of our approach and of the Bikram method.

What is important to know, however, is that patience is key.  Working too hard as a beginner or expecting to be able to keep up with already-established students can lead to frustration.

Be sure to start slowly and without expectation.  Do at least 10 classes your first month.  Try a 60-day practice challenge at some point.  And make this yoga a part of your life.

What Our Students Are Saying

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