Visitors – Day Passes – Special Guests

Day Passes, Visitors, and Special Guests

BYCA is truly a place of global connections and unity, ever-expanding yet extremely close-knit.

We love our visitors and guest students from around the world!

One Live-Streamed Drop-In

Plus Get One Free

to use within a week

(7 days total to use both)


Intended for regular or previous Bikram Yoga practitioners or teachers

Registration Form for Drop-Ins

For anyone new to BYCA.

Once registration AND payment are received, you will receive your class log-in information within 24 hours.

One In-Person (IRL) Drop-In


For those with previous Bikram Yoga experience

Live-streamed Drop-in

$25, and comes with a second free live-streamed drop-in, good within one week of the first.  Once you have paid and completed the registration form, you will receive your log-in information within 24 hours.

In-person (IRL) Drop-in

$30.  All transactions are to be done online in advance.  If you are new to the studio, please make sure you have paid, completed the registration form, and booked your spot before you come to class.  Please make sure you arrive at least 10 minutes before class starts; lobby doors are locked 5 minute before the listed class time.


If you are a trained Bikram Yoga teacher who would like a few pointers in your practice, please contact Ann directly in advance of your planned guest class!

Bikram Yoga Students

If you are a former or current practitioner looking for detailed feedback, extra insights, or a way to get unstuck in your practice, you are welcome to take a single class with Ann.  However, for effective long-term coaching and detailed feedback, we recommend a regular live-streamed practice as well.

New to Bikram Yoga?

For those who are new to the Bikram/Ghosh lineage, the Introductory Special is the best way to try this yoga.  10 classes is a reasonable minimum to try as a new student.