Schedule: Online & In-Person

Class Schedule, Re-Opening Phases, and Class Booking Procedures

Thank you for reading this page carefully before booking and attending a class.

Live-streamed classes will remain on the schedule even after we are fully open, via our Bikram Yoga Online Program.

In addition to Bikram Yoga classes and private lessons, we specialize in Ghosh lineage intermediate practice, Mary Jarvis’s Yoga Shapeshifting, therapeutic/rehabilitative classes, alignment workshops, teacher development, elite athlete training, and more.  Scroll down below the schedule for more details.

We did it!  Thank you for your patience as we smoothed out our simultaneous in-person and live-streaming set-up.  Thank you so much to our amazing staff.

Beginning Thursday, October 1.  In-person classes will be reserved for those who have had active, in-person memberships without cancellations or holds from January 2020 to the present.  All others are welcome to continue with live-streamed group classes or arrange a private in-person lesson.

Begins the week of October 11. We invite returning/former students to sign up for new memberships or punchcards.  With punchcards you will be able to book right away.  For online-only memberships, please allow 24 hours after membership purchase to be able to book a class.

Booking Protocols for Phase Three:

Every Sunday: punchcard holders, former unlimited members, and Commitment and above members may reserve UP TO TWO IN-PERSON CLASSES for the coming week (Monday through Sunday).

Former Flex members and Convenience members may reserve one class for the coming week.  If space is available, you may book additional in-person classes within 24 hours of the class.  This is subject to change in future phases.

New members will be invited to take in-person classes.

Going forward, all class reservations and sign-ins will take place right here, on this page, using your Karmasoft email and password.  Please follow the appropriate instructions below for both LIVE-STREAMED and IN-PERSON classes.  Please also sign yourself in to PRE-RECORDED classes following the same method.

We will no longer have pen-and-paper sign-in sheets for in-person classes.

  • You must be booked in Karmasoft before entering the building for class.
  • ARRIVAL WINDOW FOR ALL CLASSES IS FROM 15 MINUTES BEFORE CLASS TO 5 MINUTES BEFORE CLASS.  At 5 minutes before class, we leave the front lobby to prepare for live-streaming.
  • Cancellations that occur within 24 hours of a class incur a $20 fee.
  • No-shows incur a $20 fee. 

Cancellations that happen more than one hour after booking but more than 24 hours before class will result in that class counting for your weekly reservation limits.  Thank you for adapting to our lowered capacity and social distancing protocols!  We can do it!

If you have taken classes with us at any time in the past, you already have a Karmasoft account.  Please *DO NOT* “sign up” to make yourself a new one.  If you do, you will not have an active membership on that account, and you won’t be able to book a class.

Your login id will be the email address that you have on file with us; new students will be prompted to set up a new Karmasoft account.

You can CLICK HERE to activate your account, or choose “Forgot Password” or the “Confirmation Instructions” option on the Sign-In page.  These will help you to get your account working smoothly for online booking.

To practice using Karmasoft, you will “book” yourself into a pre-recorded class and then cancel your booking, so you can make sure your account is working and that you know how to use it.  To get this process started, you will need an active membership.

Please allow up to 24 hours between membership purchase and activation of booking abilities.

Press the “book” button on one of the classes labelled “Pre-recorded”.  (Please do not use a Live-streamed or In-Person class for your test booking!)

When you have successfully booked yourself into a class, you and I will both receive an email, confirming your booking.  Once you see that you received the confirmation email, please return to the schedule page and hit the CANCEL button on the class you just booked.  You will then receive an email confirming your cancellation.

Learning how to do this several days BEFORE the day that you want to come to class is going to give you and us enough time to work out any glitches.  🙂

If you have difficulties, please repeat your efforts at least once more, making sure each step is followed carefully.  If you still cannot get access to your Karmasoft account, contact me and I will make sure that your email address is correctly associated with your account.

  1. Sundays are reservation days for the upcoming week.  Please respect this window, as well as weekly reservation limits for your membership level (see the Phase menu above for details).
  2. On the schedule below, press the BOOK button for the appropriate In-Person class.
  3. Follow the prompts to sign in to Karmasoft.
  4. You will receive a confirmation email when the booking is successful.
  5. Cancellation of a booked class more than one hour after your booking will result in that class counting towards your weekly class limit.
  6. Cancellations within 24 hours of a class incur a $20 fee; no-shows also incur a $20 fee.
  7. Make sure you are booked for the class you wish to attend before you approach the front doors.  Only those who are booked in Karmasoft will be allowed to enter the building.
  1. Please be very careful to select the correct class: Live-streamed or Pre-recorded, as appropriate.
  2. (If you book for an In-Person class and don’t come to it, the no-show fee is $20.)
  3. Please press the BOOK button for the appropriate class, at least several minutes before the start time of the class.  (It will not work after the class has started.)
  4. If you are not signed into Karmasoft, follow the prompts to sign-in, resetting your password if needed.
  5. You will receive a confirmation email when your booking has been successful.
  6. Then you can either login to the live-stream or access a pre-recorded class and have an amazing class!
  7. Note: if you are having trouble booking a live-streamed class for any reason, please take the class anyways, and we can sort it out after class.

Please arrived already dressed for yoga; do not plan on a full change of clothes on your way in.

Make sure you approach the front doors within the arrival window: between 15 minutes before and 5 minutes before class.  After that, no one is available to let you in and it will be counted as a no-show ($20 no-show fee).

Make sure you are booked in Karmasoft for the class you are arriving for.

Once we verify that you are booked for class, we will let you in the lobby.

Masks are to be worn at all times in the building.

You will be assigned your spot in the yoga room by the front door greeter.

Please wash your hands, remove any over-clothing, and proceed directly to your spot.  Please socialize from your yoga mat rather than congregating in the hallways.

Use of restrooms is limited to hand-washing and necessary use only; two people permitted in each restroom at a time.

As always, no phones or bags/purses in the yoga room.

Enjoy the amazing feeling of being in the hot room!

You are already nose-breathers, so wearing a mask during class will only be a slight inconvenience at first.  You will get plenty of fresh air through the top and bottom of your mask.

Try out different masks until you find the one that is best.

Some people find the mask cages to be very helpful.  Many people bring a second mask to change into halfway through the class.

If you are having a difficult time breathing, regulate your effort by backing off, or sitting to rest if needed.

If you are resting on your mat and breathing by your nose only, or if you need to drink water, you may bring the mask off of your face briefly.

Please stagger your leaving of the room to leave appropriate distance.

If you need to change out of your wet clothes, please be as brief as possible.

Showers are closed at this time.

Only 2 people allowed per changing room at a time.

Please vacate the building by 15 minutes after class has ended, to allow for extra sanitizing procedures.

Hydrate, as always.

Enjoy the amazing feeling of having done your yoga for the day!  There is nothing like it!!

Traditional 26&2

Classic, unaltered, Bikram Yoga! For beginners and all levels.


New Student Consultations

& Private Lessons

The perfect way to accelerate the therapeutic potential of Bikram Yoga.

All levels welcome.


Yoga for Athletic Teams and Athletes

Private bookings available for teams and other organizations.

26&2 Intro/EXPRESS

For beginners, one hour class.

Silent 26&2

For experienced students by invitation.

Intermediate Level

Ghosh Lineage Yoga

For those with 250 classes experience and invitation.

Mary Jarvis’s Yoga Shapeshifting

Significant pain relief, improved flexibility and strength….and the only thing we know of that makes Bikram Yoga easier!

Warm Class – 26&2

Best for beginners who are concerned about the heat, as well as youth and pregnant women.

Rehabilitative Yoga

Especially for those with pain or injuries.

View an example on our YouTube Channel here.

Teacher Apprenticeship Weekends and Continuing Education for Yoga Teachers

Prenatal Yoga

Two Ways to Start

Introductory Membership $59:
One Month of Online All-Access

Private Intake Consultation $99:
Includes one free month of Online All-Access