We LOVE our Visitors and Special Guests!

Our community has a history of welcoming visitors and guests from around the country and the world!  Bikram Yoga is truly a global practice, and our community is ever-expanding!!

For regular Bikram Yoga students or Bikram Yoga teachers who would like to drop-in, you may take a visitors online drop-in with us.

It is $25 and comes with a second free drop-in, good within one week of the first.  Once you have paid and completed the registration form, you will receive your log-in information within 24 hours.


If you are a trained Bikram Yoga teacher who would like a few pointers in your practice, please contact Ann directly in advance of your planned guest class!

Bikram Yoga Students

If you are a former or current practitioner looking for practice feedback, extra insights, or a way to get unstuck in your practice, you are welcome to take a class with us.  However, an Introductory Membership will serve you even better!

New to Bikram Yoga?

For those who are new to the Bikram/Ghosh lineage, it is strongly recommended that you commit to the Introductory Month instead of trying a single class.  10 classes is a reasonable minimum to try as a new student.

One Online Drop-In

Plus Get One Free within a week


Intended for regular or previous Bikram Yoga practitioners or teachers

Registration Form for Drop-Ins

Once registration AND payment are received, you will receive your class log-in information within 24 hours.

Visitor’s 10-day Unlimited Pass: $89

One-time payment

All-access online, interactive, and live-streamed classes