New Students

Are you ready for a total transformation in your mental and physical wellness?

Do you have - or desire - the courage to take maximum control of your health? Ready to depart from the status quo yoga-fitness world? Want to try the real-deal Bikram Yoga?

You are in the right place!

You may have heard that the Bikram method of hatha yoga is “intense” and challenging.  In fact, no true yoga class isn’t. 

We have to be challenged in order to change, and we must incorporate intensity of attention and effort into any purposeful transformative process.  We don’t hide from this fact.

At the same time, Bikram is and has always been designed for the beginning student – people with no yoga experience!  We encourage you to leave the hearsay and fears at the door and simply be with us. 

Accessibility is a given in this yoga. 

You will be assisted with how to modify the postures when needed.  You will be encouraged to rest in stillness whenever needed.

There are some things you’ll need to bring with you, though:

Your patience – however much you have at this moment.

Your beginner’s mind – leave everything at the door and start from scratch.

We cannot give these things to you.

Through the challenges you encounter, you will change and heal. 

It is important to know that this is not another fitness trend, nor another group exercise class.  We won’t keep you on the cycle of distraction with a new playlist or a new set of exercises every time.

In yoga, we step off the never-ending wheel of shiny variety and get right to the heart of stillness and breathing.   In yoga, we change for the better.

We don’t change the yoga to suit whims, fads, and fears.
The yoga changes you.

Read more about the Ghosh lineage and history of Bikram Yoga here.

Our teachers work with each student personally and know all students by name.  From your first class and throughout years of practice, you will receive one-on-one attention and assistance where you will benefit the most.

We recommend that all students take a private lesson at least once or twice per year, but it need not be at the very beginning of your journey.  Many students benefit from practicing the group class regularly for 6 months, and then add in a private lesson.  Others with concerns or injuries may benefit from a private lesson before joining the group classes.

For new students who are pregnant, we offer private lessons.  Group classes are appropriate for pregnancy only if the student has practiced regularly for 6 months prior to pregnancy.  Please contact the director for more information.

For new students under 18, we offer Family/Youth sessions on Thursday nights during the 5:45 pm class.  Kindly contact the director directly for details.   You can read about youth yoga here.  And check out this fun highlight of some of our regular youth members!

pregnancy yoga

Want an individualized yoga experience?

Schedule a private intake consultation and receive a free month of classes.

We recommend that during your first month you practice 10 – 12 classes.  In that amount of time, we can guarantee that you will see improvements in your physical and mental state. 

The first and second class can feel great for some people, but they can also be a message from your body that things have been off for quite a long time.  Once you get to your third, fourth, and fifth class, you’ll start to experience the healing process.  So don’t give up after one or two! 

We encourage you to try a daily practice (6-7 days per week) for 2 consecutive months, at some point during your first year or two of practice.  Therapeutic hatha yoga is intended to slowly and sustainably reshape the structure, biochemistry, and functioning of your entire human system.  This works when you do yoga on more days than you do not do yoga.

For those who can only join us once or twice a week, you will be very welcome here too!  You will still create amazing benefits over the long term, and you will receive excellent instruction and encouragement.